Argan oil for hair and skin its beauty benefits

Argan oil for hair and skin its beauty benefits

 Argan oil for hair and skin its beauty benefits

This Moroccan argan oil is more and more present in the composition of our cosmetics, but do you know why? Explanations.

What is argan oil?

It is extracted from the almond contained in the nuts of the Argan tree which only grows in the southwest of Morocco. Before releasing the kernel, the nut (fruit of the argan tree) is first crushed and roasted by women who produce a kilo of argan oil per day, which represents a long and laborious job.

Argan oil benefits

What is Argan oil good for?

In argan oil, several molecules act in synergy, including vitamin E and squalene, which protect against skin cancer. It fights against dryness and physiological aging of the skin, restores the hydro-lipid film, and increases the nutrient supply to the cells. It revives and stimulates cellular exchanges and oxygenation, improves the quality of intercellular cement. It helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles and acts against the loss of elasticity of the skin. It neutralizes free radicals. It gives shine, softens the hair, heals the scalp, and strengthens brittle nails.

Argan oil and its effects on the skin

Argan oil benefits on the skin are true although results vary from person to person, real effects have been seen on skin conditions like eczema, acne, chickenpox, or chapped skin. For Michel de Sarrieu, this is explained by its high level of omega 6, a fatty acid that helps calm burns and relieves skin irritation. Such countless advantages also make it ideal for very dry skin or superficial sunburn.

Moroccan Argan oil for hair

Argan oil for hair well yes! Argan oil is as advantageous for the skin as it is for the hair. Applied as a mask, it is left on overnight for a brilliant hair in the early morning. Ideal for damaged hair, argan oil nourishes hair deeply and makes it much softer. In addition, argan oil can likewise be used to nourish and strengthen split, soft, or brittle nails. Consistently, they are immersed in an argan oil bath to protect them from everyday attacks. These are some known Moroccan argan oil benefits for hair. Argan oil shampoo is also made for easy use.

Argan oil and its anti-aging properties

Because of its high content of fatty acids   (omega 6 and 9) and vitamin E, argan oil is full of moisturizing properties, scientifically recognized. Very nourishing, it helps fight the indications of skin aging by activating cell regeneration and restoring the skin's hydrolipidic film. Ideal for improving the elasticity and firmness of the skin, argan oil additionally helps battle against external aggressions such as wind and sun. It is used daily, pure or mixed with cream, and preferably in the evening because of its very oily texture. 

Argan oil for hair and skin its beauty benefits

How to use it to optimize its efficiency?

It is possible to accompany the application of a massage for better penetration of the oil on a well-cleansed skin, or even better, after an exfoliation. On the hair, the oil is deposited on the surface of the fiber to nourish and soften it.

What are the contraindications?

There is no contraindication to the application of Moroccan argan oil on the body. Its use in cosmetics and makeup is part of a real underlying trend. Argan oil involves specific, natural production methods, without fertilizers or pesticides. Using a product formulated from argan oil today, therefore, corresponds to a return to basics and a need for naturalness.  In addition, the virtues of this oil are no longer to be demonstrated, which also surely explains the craze for this ingredient and the origin of its success.

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