Baking soda deodorant spray the new green trend

Baking soda deodorant spray the new green trend

 Baking soda deodorant spray the new green trend

A natural alternative to aluminum salts, baking soda is used in some green deodorants. Its action, its drawbacks, the best models ... We take stock.

In recent years, deodorants containing aluminum hydrochloride (more commonly known as aluminum salts) have been particularly shunned and criticized. Although the doses of aluminum have recently been reduced in the majority of products, rumors accuse the aluminum present in deodorants of promoting the onset of serious disease (cancer or Alzheimer's). More prosaically, aluminum is also accused of stopping the elimination of toxins and possibly causing inflammation of the sweat glands. These accusations may have been totally denied and scientifically dismantled, the a priori die hard and as a result, consumers are looking for alternatives.

Among the more interesting alternatives to deodorants containing aluminum salts, we find those based on baking soda. This active ingredient is a chemical compound that is said to be “inorganic”. Its chemical formula is Na HC O3. It comes in the form of a white powder, which has naturally absorbent, anti-odor, anti-fungal properties and prevents bacterial proliferation from causing odors. Suffice to say that it turns out to be an ingredient of choice in natural deodorants to fight perspiration, without blocking it, in particular in addition to good hygiene of life (daily shower, no tobacco, no alcohol, a healthy diet and preferably organic and not very spicy…). 

Baking soda deodorant spray the new green trend

DIY: How to make your own baking soda deodorant 

Baking soda deodorant recipe

With baking soda, you can easily make an effective and inexpensive homemade deodorant. Here is its simple and effective version to make with just two ingredients and a container. 

You will need:

  1. A glass jar with a lid (purchased or recycled). It is chosen large enough to be able to easily stir the mixture,
  2.  Baking soda (available in drugstores, supermarkets, drugstores, on the Internet ...),
  3.  Coconut oil (available in organic stores or Asian stores or quite simply in your usual hypermarket. 

The steps of the homemade baking soda deodorant recipe: 

To make homemade baking soda deodorant follow the steps below:
Fill the glass container halfway with coconut oil. If the oil is solid, gently melt in the microwave (less than 800 watts) or in a double boiler. When the oil is liquid, add a good dose of bicarbonate: the closer the mixture is to bicarbonate saturation, the more effective it will be. If you have put 100 g of coconut, you can count a good 50 g of baking soda, or even a little more, then stir. 

Wait until the mixture becomes creamy by placing it in the refrigerator if it is hot or by keeping it at room temperature if it is winter. Attention, everything must be carried out with impeccable hygiene, of course, in order not to introduce germs and to guarantee maximum conservation of the product.

Once the mixture has cooled, but not set, stir again, to obtain a set ready to use. For this, it will simply be necessary to take a small amount of mixture and spread it gently on clean and dry armpits.

On this very simple and easy to make the basic recipe, you can vary the ingredients: 

  •  Use shea butter, vegetable butter, or even beeswax instead of coconut oil;
  •  Add a few drops of essential oil to strengthen the antibacterial effect: the palmarosa is usually used, but it is possible to vary the recipes according to your tastes and the tolerance of your skin vis-à-vis essential oils  - because, beware they are allergens -;
  •  Add cornstarch (Cornstarch) or white clay for their absorbent capacities. And this in order to strengthen and supplement the action of the bicarbonate, or even reduce the dose, if it proves to be irritating.
  • Use monoi instead of coconut in order to obtain a smoother deodorant with holiday accents (it is treated to be creamier in use than virgin coconut oil).

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