Eyebrow gel: How to make 3 types of eyebrow gel at home DIY

How to make 3 types of eyebrow gel at home DIY

Eyebrow gel: How to make 3 types of eyebrow gel at home DIY

Do you want to make your own natural eyebrow gel? Moisturizer, fixative, or colored here are three easy recipes to tailor your homemade eyebrow gel.

Formerly non-existent in our beauty routines, eyebrow gel is now an essential step in makeup. To style, discipline, flesh out and fix eyebrow hair, there is nothing better than eyebrow gel which can, at times, prove to be expensive at major brands. So for a more economical and natural version, make your own homemade eyebrow gel with these three easy recipes!

Eyebrow gel: the secret to having perfect eyebrows

Transparent or colored, it is ideal for styling but also for makeup. Eyebrow gel is the quick and easy way to have disciplined brows all day long. Why use it and how to apply it well? Follow the guide.

  1. Recipe for a homemade moisturizing eyebrow gel

Ideal for styling but also taking care of your eyebrows, this homemade moisturizing eyebrow gel recipe is for everyone since it is very simple and easy to make. To do so, you will need aloe vera gel and castor oil which, by their viscous texture, will ensure the hold of your hair. Rich in vitamins A, C, and E, aloe vera gel has a moisturizing and healing action, also preventing the appearance of ingrown hairs. As for castor oil, it is known to nourish and promote hair growth

Steps to follow :

Take an empty mascara bottle with a brush. Pour in about 80% aloe vera gel and 20% castor oil. These proportions can vary according to your preferences, keeping a larger amount of aloe vera. And voila! Your transparent hydrating brow gel is ready to use.

How to make 3 types of eyebrow gel at home DIY

  2. Recipe for a homemade eyebrow fixing gel

For a homemade eyebrow fixing gel, you will need 3 g of white beeswax, 6 g of jojoba oil, and 0.5 g of xanthan gum. Beeswax has hardening properties, guaranteeing good fixation, while jojoba oil, with its dry texture, allows the gel to slide off during application, without leaving a greasy film. Regarding xanthan gum, it is a gelling agent of natural origin that facilitates the hold of emulsions and gives a soft touch.

Steps to follow :

Melt the beeswax and jojoba oil in a double boiler then add the xanthan gum. Mix then pour the whole into a small metal pot. Let cool at room temperature for several hours and your eyebrow gel is ready! For the application, use a brush to remove the material and brush the eyebrows.

  3. Recipe for a colored eyebrow gel

If you want a colored eyebrow gel, all you have to do is add natural dyes to the preparation you have chosen, moisturizing or fixing. Add black oxide for a dark gel, brown oxide for a brown gel, and a mixture of brown and yellow oxides for a light brown gel. It's up to you to dose the amounts of dyes in order to obtain your custom color!

By following the above recipe you can easily make the above 3 types of eyebrow gel at home.

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