Eyebrow pencil how to choose the best eyebrow pencil and apply it well

Eyebrow pencil how to choose the best eyebrow pencil and apply it well

Eyebrow pencil how to choose the best eyebrow pencil and apply it well

The eyebrow pencil is one of the essentials for eye makeup. But how do you choose your own and apply it like a pro? 

When putting on daily beauty, it would be a shame to disdain eyebrow makeup. Indeed, they have no equal for structuring the face and giving depth to the look. Easy to use, the eyebrow pencil is a great ally to intensify their natural line. Choice of texture and color, application technique ... We tell you everything to master this basic beauty bag.

How to choose the best eyebrow pencil?

In order not to make a mistake when choosing the best eyebrow pencil, Joss Devilleneuve, founder of Atelier du Sourcil, a chain of institutes specializing in the beauty of the eyes, advises focusing on two important points: the texture of the mine and its color.

“ For a nice result that lasts all day, the pencil lead should be neither too dry nor too greasy,” explains the professional. If it is too dry, it will not mark the skin and if it is too oily, it may run. The ideal is therefore to choose a texture between the two, almost waxy, which will allow obtaining a real make-up result while remaining long-lasting. “  And all of above, we avoid using a kohl pencil for the eyes, because it may fade and migrate over the hours. "

If you want to achieve a natural effect, choosing the shade of your eyebrow pencil is also very important. According to Joss, “ We tend to think that we should trust the color of his hair, but we should not forget the color of his eyebrows or his natural complexion. "Indeed, the eyes of a brunette with milky skin and that of a brunette with darker tone will not be highlighted by the same shade, ditto for blondes with fair skin and blondes with more mine. golden. In order not to be mistaken, whatever the color of her mane, she advises to "  take a semitone above her natural eyebrow ".

Eyebrow pencil how to choose the best eyebrow pencil and apply it well

How to make up your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil?

The eyebrow pencil is ideal for enhancing the look in a natural way, and its use is accessible to all, beginners as well as more experienced beauty addicts. For Joss Devilleneuve, it's the perfect product to intensify and structure eyebrows that are already full: “  It's great for expanding a line that doesn't need a lot of work, but to recreate a hairy effect on an eyebrow. sparse, it will be better to favor a felt pen, the application of which is more precise, or the semi-permanent technique of microblading. "

Before applying your pencil, you start by brushing your eyebrows upwards with a bottle brush (or a clean toothbrush if the pencil you are not using does not have a specific tip) in order to give them the shape desired and better visualize the areas to be densified. Then, with a well-cut mine, we delicately hatch his eyebrows by following their line and by insisting on the sparse parts. Once the color is positioned, we use the brush again to melt the material, then we apply a clear fixing gel to fix the movement of the hairs for the whole day. Easy, right?

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