Beautiful Eyelashes 10 Tips To Get Them

Beautiful Eyelashes 10 Tips To Get Them

Beautiful eyelashes, 10 tips to get them

The eyelashes, as well as assisting us to show off a more beautiful look, making them longer and thicker, have their biological function and we must take care of them since if we do not we can suffer some other complications in our eyes.

The eyelashes help shield the eye from external bodies coming from outside and are highly sensitive to the touch: any contact with them triggers a reflex movement that instantly closes the eyelids.

In the embryo, they create between the seventh and eighth week. And let's debunk a myth… lashes grow back if they fall or tear off! Yes yes, as you hear it, what happens is that it takes roughly seven to eight weeks to grow again.

The quantity of eyelashes is higher in the upper eyelid, which has around 100 than in the lower one.

Eyelash hair follicles are associated with a type of gland known as Glands of Zeiss and Glands of Moll. The infection of any of these glands due to lack of cleanliness can produce a disease known as stye. Zeiss's is a sebaceous gland and Moll's is a sweat gland.

According to many dermatologists, abuse of false eyelashes, curlers, permanent curling methods, and utilization of substances not approved by ophthalmologists or dermatologists ultimately end up damaging them and putting eye health at risk.

Beautiful Eyelashes 10 Tips To Get Them

10 tips to get beautiful eyelashes 

1. Always clean them,  in no way can you go to bed without removing your eyelashes, since hardened by the mask they break easily.

2. Do your eyes itch? Try not to rub your eyes to avoid weakening your eyelashes.

3. Eat better,  if you include more silicon among the nutrients you consume in your daily diet, you will have several health benefits; among them, long eyelashes. Some of the sources of silicon that you can discover in your kitchen are olives, asparagus, rice, squash, brew, and oatmeal.

4. Soak a cotton ball with eye makeup remover lotion, and apply it to the eyelashes until they are completely clean, do not drag with force or you will tear them off.

5. Manage your stress: Stress encourages poor diet, which causes hair loss, including eyelashes.

6. Use the eyelash curler as little as possible, since continuous use weakens them and ends up breaking.

7. Nourish your lashes: just as you nourish your hair to keep it shiny and soft, you should also nourish your lashes. The simplest and most natural option is to smear a drop of pure olive oil on your eyelashes.

8. Be careful with the weather, especially in summer. If you are going to be exposed to the sun for quite a while, protect them with a transparent or moisturizing mask so that they do not burn and dry out.

9. Brush your lashes. A good option is to utilize a mascara brush that you no longer use. Wash it well and add some petroleum jelly. You will see a major difference in the volume and shine of your lashes.

10. Sleeping mask,  if possible use one that takes silk, this will help prevent the fall.

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