Castor oil for hair and nails benefits and its uses

Castor oil for hair and nails benefits and its uses

Castor oil for hair and nails its benefits and uses

What is castor oil?

Its properties

This oil has been used for millennia for its “magical” virtues, in particular by the Egyptians who mainly use its virtues on the skin. It is said to be the favorite oil of Cleopatra, who used it daily to remove makeup.
This oil is obtained from castor seeds and is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E. When cold-pressed, these seeds become a fairly fatty and viscous liquid, known for their purifying and nourishing properties.

Its benefits

The purpose of this vegetable oil is therefore to hydrate and promote the growth of hair and nails. In addition to its contributions in the field of beauty and cosmetics, it is also known for its healing properties: it has a laxative effect but it would also relieve certain pains such as osteoarthritis and arthritis.

Castor oil has benefits for the hair

Usage tips

Castor oil is very nourishing: it hydrates the scalp, it makes the hair more supple and shinier. But that's not all: it accelerates the growth and pushes it back. However, be careful not to overdo it, this vegetable oil is oily and your scalp could quickly get used to it! Use it as a mask once a week by massaging your scalp, you will quickly see the difference, especially if you do hair color repeatedly or if your mane has been recently exposed to the sun.


To nourish the hair: Oils of sapote and coconut.
Against hair loss: essential oils of Bay Saint-Thomas, grapefruit, clary sage.
Against dandruff: essential oils of eucalyptus radiata, geranium, bay leaf, palmarosa, tea tree, cade.
For cuticle massage: lemon essential oils,  Ylang-Ylang.

Castor oil for hair and nails benefits and its uses

Benefits for eyelash and eyebrow growth

Usage tips

As with the hair, castor oil helps accelerate the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows while moisturizing them. Be careful when applying anyway, especially on the eyelashes, its texture being viscous, do not hesitate to use a cotton swab to avoid getting it in your eyes.


No known synergies.

Castor oil for stronger nails

Usage tips

It makes the nails stronger, helps soften the cuticles, and makes them grow. Apply it during your manicure.


No known synergies.

Castor oil is useful for dry skin

Usage tips

Notice to crocodile skin: castor oil treats very dry skin but also eczema or burns ...


Against pigment spots: essential oils of celery and carrot.

How to choose castor oil?

Make sure that this oil has been obtained during a first cold pressing, the organic label guarantees a responsible product without the addition of substances. Finally, pay attention to the price: castor oil costs between 15 and 20 € per liter, and not being well known yet, some retailers do not hesitate to inflate the prices!

Where to buy castor oil?

In pharmacies or drugstores or on the Internet.

Three homemade beauty recipes with castor oil

Castor oil bath for hair

For hair growth and hair loss:

Mix in equal parts castor oil and aloe vera oil, then distribute this mixture over all of your hair, insisting well on the scalp (roots). Wrap your hair in a warm, slightly damp towel and leave it on overnight for at least 2 hours. The next morning, rinse with a treating shampoo made with castor oil. Do this 2-3 times a week. Within 15 days you will see visible results.

Recipe for darkening hair

Add a small amount of oil to your conditioner, mousse, or conditioner. Divide your hair into different malleable parts and apply your product evenly all over your hair. The moisturizing effects of the oil help lock in moisture and dark air in the hair.

Night cream for the skin

To nourish and plump your skin, here is a night cream to prepare yourself:

Mix 5 ml of castor oil, 5 ml of argan oil, 35 ml of rose hydrosol, 5 drops of vitamin E, 3 grams of cutina (an emulsifier), 5 drops of essential oil of wood of rose, and 12 drops of isocide (a preservative).

Risks, precautions, and contraindications of castor oil

Due to its laxative and purgative actions, this oil should be reserved for external cosmetic use.

Preservation method

Stable vegetable oil. Store in a dry and dark place away from heat and light.

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